Laptop Ban Expansion Could Include Domestic Flights 2019

In March, the US government imposed a laptop ban on flight cabins that cover 10 airports and handle around 350 flights per week. There are indications that the ban can be extended in a few months, and now the head of Homeland Security has confirmed so much. Domestic and international flights, however, may be included in the ban.

According to Reuters, Homeland Security is reviewing the ban and is considering extending direct flights from airports to all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. John Kelly, Minister of Homeland Security, told Parliament: “We are looking for 71 other airports.” He also stated that they were trying to “reduce threats” without extending the ban, which might be reflected in increased security at the airport in question.

If the ban is extended, an estimated 400 flights per day will be affected. However, this is only international flights. In connection with TSA, domestic flights are also considered.

According to Baltimore’s CBS, the recent terrorist attack on the UK along with the start of the US summer travel season meant deeper security cleansing and more travelers having to deal. Against this background, TSA is reviewing the situation regarding laptop bans and does not rule out a ban on domestic flights in the country.

Lisa Farbstein, press spokeswoman for TSA, told CBS Baltimore that no decision had been made: “Currently, the Department of Homeland Security is considering the possibility of extending the laptop ban … There is no decision … This is clearly an enemy. You are heading to a traffic junction and we want to make sure you reach your destination safely and return home safely. “

If the ban is extended to more international airports or domestic flights, it will certainly cause problems and frustration, but more important is the longer waiting time to go up. TSA urges passengers to spend more time traveling between now and Labor Day to undergo security checks. For domestic flights, this means you arrive two hours before the flight. For international flights, they recommend three hours.


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