Razer’s 3-Screen Laptops Stolen From CES Booth in 2019

This year, Razer has some ambitious concepts. For example, the Valerie project was announced as the best concept / prototype of the show, while we also got a glimpse of Project Ariana’s prototype game projection.

Obviously, we are not the only ones impressed with Razer innovation. someone on the show gave a five-finger discount.

In a Facebook post Monday morning, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said he “had just been told that two of our prototypes had been stolen from our stand at CES today.”

“We treat theft / theft and, if necessary, industrial espionage very seriously – fraud and fraud are not suitable for us,” Tan wrote, suspecting that competitors were stealing machines. “The punishment for such crimes is very severe and whoever commits them is clearly not very intelligent.”

added that Razer had submitted a “mandatory report” and now works with CES management and law enforcement agencies to track who stole the prototype. He encouraged anyone with information about theft to contact the Razer Law Department

“At Razer, we play hard and fair,” he wrote. “Our team has been working for months to design and develop these units, and we are proud to do everything we can to provide the latest and greatest.”

In a statement to PCMag, a Razer spokesman said that around 4:00 pm two Project Valerie laptops were stolen from the Rader press center. on Sunday. The company offered a $ 25,000 prize for “genuine information that will identify, arrest and convict criminal suspects,” the spokesman said.

Razer’s 12K Project Valerie laptop has two 4K screens that extend like wings from the main screen. Even with three screenshots, Project Valerie is only as thick as two stacked Razer Blade Pro, and has managed to play a full resolution game on all three screens. It may never be a consumer item, but it’s a good idea to dream about it.

Meanwhile, Project Ariana plays games along the TV and uses a projector system to flood your entire wall with everything you play.


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