Reliance Jio Fiber data plans, internet speed Launch in 2019

Mukesh Ambani, Chair of Reliance, announced several important details about his mobile Internet connection at the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the company. The high-speed broadband service was renamed Jio Fiber by Jio GigaFiber after telecommunications received advice from users of the MyJio application about what the name of the broadband service was. Jio Fiber will be available on September 5, the same day when Reliance Jio is three years old.

Data Plans:

In the event, Ambani stated that the cheapest Jio Fiber data package is 700 GBP / month with limited speed up to 100 Mbps. The package with the highest price is 10,000,000 a month with access to Jio Broadband, Jio HomeTV and Jio IoT.

Ambani announced that full tariff information will be available on September 5.

Jio Forever Package:

Ambani also introduces Jio Forever Plans, which provides long-term users of HD or 4k LED TVs and 4k televisions. Television brands have not yet been announced.
Stationery service:

Reliance will offer fixed telephone service with all of its optical fiber packages. Voice calls to Indian operators are free. Jio also promised to reduce prices for international calls.

“The ISD call rate is 1/5 to 1/10 of the industry rate, we offer an unlimited US / Canadian package for £ 500 per month,” Ambani said.

Jio Fiber network services are expected to be available in the next 12 months.


Given the nature of the service, Jio Fiber will compete with Spectra and ACT Fibernet. Both companies also offer download speeds of 1 Gbps, but in certain cities.

The ACT Fibernet giga package, which offers gigabit internet speeds in certain areas, including Bangalore, costs £ 5,999. There is a 2500 GB data limit, which reduces Internet speed to 1 Mbit / s. Spectra offers a 1 Gbps link at 9 13,999 in Noida, Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Delhi without data restrictions.


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