Realme X review: A beautiful smartphone that delights with its performance

Chinese electronics maker BKK Electronics, the original smartphone brand, has no chance to compete with Xiaomi’s rivals in the Indian smartphone market. For a brief period of one year, the brand launched an affordable smartphone with premium design, medium specifications and leading features. The company anticipates heritage and has receAAntly released Realme X.

Introduced as a competitor for the Xiaomi K20 smartphone, Realme X is the premium offering at the middle price and the most expensive of various real-time smartphones. However, this is the cheapest smartphone with a motorized self-up camera. The phone also features a Super AMOLED display with a built-in fingerprint sensor, a glass gradient reflector, and a dual camera rear panel module that includes a 48 megapixel primary sensor. design

Realme X has a sleek design with a curved gradient lid that looks like glass on the back and has no obstacles on the front. Apart from the plastic housing, this cell phone looks first class. Some people might question the choice of material, but the design of this mobile phone is strong and resistant to everyday use. Luckily, the front of the phone is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 film, which is strong enough to protect the screen from unwanted scratches and cuts.

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Realme X has a Super FullHD + AMOLED 6.53 inch screen, which is stretched in a high ratio of 19.5: 9. The screen is set to natural colors and offers the possibility to change the screen’s color tone to warm or cold. It has a default night mode and eye care mode – the first reduces blue light emission and the second reduces flicker at low brightness. Both modes reduce visual fatigue caused by spending hours looking at the screen. Like most AMOLED panels, the screen has good contrast and bright colors. However, it lacks brightness, making the sun unreadable. This phone has Widevine L1 certification for streaming multimedia content from top platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime videos in HD and FullHD resolution.

Image data is an area where the domain is enhanced with each enhancement. Realme X has a dual-camera module on the back with a 48 megapixel main camera with a 1: 1.7 aperture and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. Although the depth sensor is convenient for providing in-depth information only about the primary sensor, the 48MP sensor can capture sparkling images regardless of lighting conditions.

Apart from the usual features such as HDR, automatic detection of AI-based scenes and telephones, this phone has a color enhancement mode that enhances colors while preserving light and shadow information. There is also a built-in landscape mode, which is comfortable in low light conditions. Night landscape mode is an improvement from Realme 3 Pro. Although not perfect, the mode has gone far and has become a better version of itself.
The front camera, part of the motorized deployment mechanism, is also a powerful device. It supports AI-based cosmetic modes, portrait modes and various color filters. Unlike the reverse camera, the front camera fights in low-light conditions.


Powering on a cellphone is the proven Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip system, which also supports Realme 3 Pro. This phone has 128 GB of internal memory and up to 8 GB of RAM. It launches the ColorOS 6.0 user interface based on the Android Pie operating system. This is a special skin that is above the default operating system.

Even though the performance of the cellphone is fast and sleek, it is overshadowed by a highly customizable user interface, which has a lot of software pre-installed. This phone offers consistently good performance, even after prolonged intensive use. However, this does not apply to the user interface (UI). The user interface is slow, confusing and not optimized. With the exception of the user interface and user experience, nothing looks like a telephone. It carries out everyday tasks easily and creates intense game titles graphically without delays or problems.

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This cell phone has a 3,765 mAh battery, which doesn’t seem to be enough for a middle class phone, but offers incredible battery life for more than a day. This phone also supports charging Oppo VOOC 3.0 20W itself, which fully charges the battery for about an hour. Fast load times and optimal battery life make Realme X compatible everyday drivers for those on the road.


Realme X is priced at 19,999 rupees for the 8 GB RAM variant (explained here) is a beautiful smartphone that stands out because of its performance, picture quality, and appearance as the original. With the exception of the user interface and plastic construction, there is nothing to complain about.


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