Release Date, Price, News & Leaks of the New iPhone 11 2019

We now have a clear idea of ​​the start date of the iPhone 11 and start seeing real and unambiguous issues as to what an updated phone will look like – and what features it will contain.

If you don’t know what comes out of the rumors for the iPhone 2019, then you have to be prepared for certain disappointments: This new iPhone series seems to be only gradually being updated. We have some experience in filtering out these rumors – we have been there for more than a decade – and nothing we took more than that.

What does it mean? Well, the shape and size are the same as from the previous launch (with three phones called to launch when launching the new iPhone 11), but they won’t make any extraordinary changes at this time.

If you are interested in what will happen next, let 5G know that the Lightning connector will eventually fail and the phone might even fail. But in both cases, this will only happen when we see the next iPhone at least 2020.

One final story: iPhone 11 supports Apple Pencil and uses the same screen technology as the Samsung Galaxy S10. Also, we can assume that launching the iPhone 11 is very easy … and that’s what we hoped for.

Will we get an iPhone 11 ‘Pro’ this year? We will discuss this in more detail below, but because we do not expect major changes at this time, we doubt we will achieve such a name change. It would be useful to save the above elements in 2020.

What we know is that the new iPhone 11 will be a figure for iOS 13 and we are almost certain that we will see the iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max … what Apple will make of them. a mystery, but there is no clear next step to the iPhone XS.
The most important change is this camera upgrade – now we expect three sensors for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max and only two for the iPhone 11R – but with enhanced features for each model.

More interesting is whether Apple will push the iPhone 11R (if you really call it that), because the iPhone XR is the most featured mobile on the homepage – showing that a cheaper cellphone could almost be the star of this year’s event. .

It was reported that several smart charging features were added and Apple might finally add something that made users cry. Read on to find out what the iPhone expects from TechRadar from the new features of the iPhone 2019

We have summarized the main leak of the iPhone 11 in a small video to give you a brief overview of what will happen later this year.


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